Im going home on the 19th !

I hate spiders !

Drunk phone calls with the babe will never get boring ! <3

When he calls you drunk, apologizes for no reason & tells you how much he likes you »»>

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Working out really pays off&#160;! 
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V hair&#160;! 
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Got a the V hair cut&#160;!

I havent eaten all day, and I didnt realize how much I missed the rush you get from it. 

Anonymous: Post a pic of that ass 

Devin lmfao!

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I found my old PSP ! Im so happy !

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I wanna love story like Ivy and Raj <3 

My Father is almost dead from having Huntington’s Disease, & today I find out that my other Uncle was diagnosed with it this afternoon. Only 4 month months till I get the testing done & im so scared to get positive for Huntington’s. Its a complete death sentence, and im only 18, I dont wanna be dying. 

Meet a cute guy - end up fighting about religion because hes a christian and im atheist  

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When i moved to the Christian School, I thought this guy was hot so I kept taking his pencil case so he&#8217;d talk to me. 6 years later, hes my best friend &amp; I would do anything for him. I dont get to see him as much as I would like but we talk almost everyday. He knows me better then anyone &amp; he knows what makes me happy &amp; what makes me sad. He never judges me for my flaws even though he should, he does his best to understand me. He was the first boy I ever really liked, but now he is the man Im in love with. I love him for him, because I know that I couldnt live without him. He is perfection to me, there is not one thing i would change about him. In 6 years he has not changed which makes me so happy because although my life has been through hell and back, he has always been constant. I am so happy to see him Graduate, although it sucks not graduating with him, he looked so amazing all dressed up tonight.